A Preventative and Curative Approach to Whitening of Teeth

Teeth have a protective covering of natural enamel that also gives them a pearly white appearance. The enamel cracks as teeth get older, leaving open spaces where debris and dirt accumulate, making them lose their whiteness. One can apply various tips in trying to restore their natural whiteness, but it is first important to understand what causes teeth discolouration. Puresmile.com.au/Brisbane offers helpful information to this end as well.

Causes of Discoloured Teeth

Dealing with extrinsic stains which affect the outer part of teeth offers the least of challenges in general. They are occasioned by different things, among which are eating, smoking and oral hygiene habits. Trauma, aging, thin enamel along with chemical elements like excessive fluoride usually affect the interior parts and are thus called intrinsic stains. Such kinds of stains require more specialized treatment compared with the extrinsic ones. The teeth whitening Puresmile offers can help to address this problem conclusively.

Consuming dark-coloured beverages and foods can stain the spaces left behind when the enamel of teeth cracks. For this reason, dentists commonly limit intake of dark beverages like cola and coffee, alongside eating foods like chocolate. This provides an effective way of eliminating certain factors which cause staining of teeth.

Smoking is among the largest contributors of teeth discolouration and smokeless tobacco products equally occasion the same outcome. The nicotine found in tobacco adheres to teeth, making them look somewhat brown or yellow. It all depends upon how heavy are the tobacco habits of a smoker. Puresmile.com.au/Brisbane provides solutions for combating these kinds of stains. Quitting use of tobacco products is an assured tip for keeping teeth white following the treatments as dentists will quickly recommend to their patients.

Keeping Teeth White

Maintaining good practices of oral hygiene is among the primary ways of ensuring that teeth remain white for the longest time-frame possible. Brushing them after each meal and immediately before going to bed helps to ensure that any dirt and debris present on teeth gets removed.

Regular flossing on its part deals with some causes of stains in-between teeth. Using a good kind of mouthwash can also help a lot in keeping the teeth looking white and smelling fresh. Maintaining healthy enamel is possibly the most stated tip by experts in teeth whitening Australia provides towards attaining a brilliant-looking set of teeth.

Other Factors of Teeth Discolouration

Teeth can still get discoloured through factors that are beyond someone’s control, even after following the tips outlined above. Such causes include aging and thin enamel as well as traumatic action on teeth. Treatments for bleaching teeth can be applied with success to address these factors. These are generally non-preventative measures, but they help in restoring teeth to their natural whiteness after they begin discolouring. Bleaching offers a way of removing stains which have built up over time in-between cracks within the enamel of teeth. This form of treatment is also a great solution for tooth whitening Queensland offers in addressing teeth discoloured by extrinsic stains, when other methods fail to work.

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